Russian visa in Helsinki

Visa Types Processing time Valid For Price, euro
Tourist visa, application ready
7 days 2-30 days


Tourist visa, online application is not ready
7 days 2-30 days 83,-
Tourist Express visa to Russia 4 days 2-14 days 192,-
Group visa 8-9 days 2-5 days 78,-
Tourist visa with own invitation 7-8 days 2-30 days 76,-
Double entry
Double entry Business/Cultural 7-8 days 3 months 115,-
Double entry
Business / Cultural Express
1 days 3 months 383,-
Double entry with own invitation 7-8 days 3 months 90,-
Multi entry visa for 1 year

Multi entry visa for 1 year


6 weeks 1 year 142,-

Express multiple entry visa for

1 year (Business / Cultural)

11-15 days 1 year 165,-
Express multiple entry visa for

1 year (sport,children 7-17 years old and for drivers

11-15 days 1 year 190

Multiple entry visa for 1 year with

own invitation

7-12 days 1 year 102,-

Multiple entry visa for 1 year in case if you

don't have copy of used visa and border

stamps in 12 months before new visa

Multiple entry visa for 1 year Business* 7 weeks 1 year 152,-
Multiple entry visa for 1 year Business/Cultural* 17-20 days 1 year 180,-
Multiple entry visa for 2 years

Multiple entry visa for 2 years,


11-15 days 2 years 265,-
Multiple entry visa for 3 years,


11-20 days 3 years 400,-

Russian Consulate will be closed on 9.03 due to national holidays, therefore processing time for all kinds of visas to Russia could be increased. Visas processing time here.

Visa prices are valid for EU citizens, except citizens of Great Britain.Visa delivery time may be extended during Russian national holidays. More detail information about russian visa types here

Documents you need to get Russian visa in Helsinki

1. Pasport

The passport is required, which is valid for at least six months after the visa expires. There should be at least two empty pages in it.If your passport expires sooner than 6 months after the expiry of the one year multi visa you planned to apply, you still can apply for a visa, but it will be given in such a way that the last day of its validity is 6 months before the expiration of the passport.

2. Visa application form

A filled-out application form is also needed. An application form can be found at the following address: It is also possible to fill in an application at our office at Töölönkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki. Electronic visa application form will be stored for 30 days from the moment of its last saving.

If you prefer to fill application form at our office for single entry visa, price will be 5 euro extra.

For double and multi entry visas we will fill application for you on line for free.

Instruction for the Application form

Link for online application, please, find instruction here Printed out and signed Application form is to be delivered to our office along with other documents. In case you are not sure that you can fill in the Application form correctly, please, use the password “russian1” for us to be able to restore your online Application form, make necessary corrections and print the form.

In case you are applying single entry Visa Russian organization is Scantravel, address Moscow, reference number 011044, confirmation number 100.

3. Photo

You will also need a standard passport color photo,visa_photo.png no more than six months old.Please attach photo to your application using glue or a paper clip. NB: Do not use a stapler or tape to attach the photo. In Helsinki you have the opportunity to get passport photos for 1 euro with Verkkokauppa's special offer from Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 13 (address is

Jätkäsaari, Tyynenmerenkatu 11)

4. Travel insurance

An insurance certificate in Finnish, English or Russian is required.

On it there must be the full name of the insured person, birthday and the certificate number. A visa can be applied for only during the period your insurance is valid, and it must be valid in the Russian Federation. The name and contact information of the person from the insurance company must be written on your insurance certificate. If you are applying for one year multiple visa please note, if in the insurance certificate specify the maximum period of stay abroad, it should be 90 days, not 45 days.

If you don't have insurance we could buy it for you, price is 20 euro for 14 days, 76 euro for 1 year.

*A one-year multiple entry visa to Russia for 165 or 142 euro is possible only for clients who have been to Russia at least once during the last 12 months before new visa.

If you have a visa in another passport, or an older passport, please provide us with a copy of the visa and stamps showing your visit to Russia

** You could apply for multiple entry visa even if you did not have visas in to Russia in 12 months before new visa. Price is 152 euro (processing time 6 weeks) or 180 euro (processing time 15-22 days)

*** If you had 2 Russian multiple entry visas in sequence or one 2 years visa in your passport, and at least 7 trips in last 2 years, and your last trip was 4 months before you apply for new 2 years visa, we could apply for 2 years visa, price is 265 euro, processing time 11-14 days.

If you had only one Russian multiple entry visa and one trip in last 12 month, we could apply for 2 years visa, price is 305 euro, processing time 16-22 days.

Consul has the right to issue you a visa for the different period from the requested in the visa application.
The price and processing time can be different for citizens of the countries not belonging to the European Union and the Schengen area.

Citizens of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey and Palestine have to apply for a visa directly to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.