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What is included in the price of 80 euros

- E-visa fees

- photo for the visa and photo processing for the visa application

- passport scanning and edit file size for the electronic application form

An electronic visa could be issued to citizens of 55 countries, including Finland.

E-visa is valid for 60 days, during this time you can enter Russia for a maximum of 16 days 1 time. You can enter Russia with an E-visa only in certain  border crossing points.

Difference to a regular visa:

- Faster processing time (4-5 days)

- Lower price

- The consulate does not check the visa application, our service allows you to avoid errors in the application, which can cause it to be denied entry to Russia

- Five times more questions in the application

What is required for a visa?

Send a copy of your passport, photo, questionnaire answers to or come to the RussianExpert travel office, Töölönkatu 7 Helsinki 00100

Questionnaire for E-visa

1. Passport number

2. Passport issue date

3. Last date of validity of the passport

4. Passport issuing authority

5. Surname on the machine-readable line of the passport

6. Name(s), patronymic (if any) on the machine-readable line of the passport

7. Surname (if any) in the visual inspection area of the passport

8. First name(s), last name (if any) in the visual inspection area of the passport

9. Gender

10. Time of birth

11. Place of birth (country)

12. Were you born in the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation?

13. Place of birth (place of residence)

14. Personal ID (if any) Do you currently use or have you previously used other personal data?

15. Do you currently also have another nationality?

16. Have you previously held other citizenships?

If yes, list everything, year of purchase, passport and social security number (if any), year and reasons for termination.

17. Purpose of the trip

18. Description of the purpose of the trip to the Russian Federation

19. Estimated Arrival Date

20. Which organization or person are you referring to?

21. Choose where you are going

22. Name of the organization / First name, Last name, Father's name, degree of kinship

23. Address (postal code, town, street, house, building, building, apartment)

24. Telephone

25. Fax (if available)

26. Email (if available)

27. Where are you going to stay?

28. Solution

29. Solution

30. Surname, first name (names) of the person.

31. Address of an individual

32. Private person's phone

33. Individual's fax (if available)

34. Individual's e-mail address (if any)

35. Name of the hotel/organization

36. Address of the hotel/organization

37. Phone number of the hotel/organization

38. Fax hotel/organization (if available)

39. Hotel/organization email address (if available)

40. Hotel reservation number (if available)

41. Do you have a valid Russian visa?

42. Do you have health insurance valid on the territory of the Russian Federation?

43. Source of funds for your trip to the Russian Federation

44. Have you visited any country in the last 3 years? (list all with travel dates)

45. Marital status

46. ​​If you are married, divorced or widowed, fill in the information about your spouse

47. Surname

48. First name(s), last name (if any)

49. Time of birth

50. Gender

51. Place of birth of your spouse (country, town)

52. Citizenship


53. About your parents

54. Your father's last name

55. Your father's name(s), surname (if any).

56. Your father's date of birth

57. Place of birth of your father (country, town)

58. Your mother's last name

59. Your mother's name(s), father's name (if any).

60. Your mother's date of birth

61. Place of birth of your mother (country, town)

62. Do you have relatives in the ​​Russian Federation?

63. Relationship

64. Surname

65. Names, surname (if any)

66, date of birth

67. Gender

68. Residence in Russia

69. Contact phone

70. Email address


71. Do you currently have a real place of residence?

72. Address of actual residence

73. Telephone/fax

74. Telephone/fax

75 Email

76. Do you own real estate in the Russian Federation?

77. Address


78. Do you use social networks, instant messaging services?

79. If yes, state which ones and attach the link to your profile


80. Do you work (worked before), study (learned before)?

81. If you answer yes to the question, you must state at least the last two jobs, including the current one, the name and address of the employer or educational institution (for students)

82. Do you work or study?

83. Name of the training organization

84. Address

85. Telephone

86 Email

87. Have you studied in educational organizations other than high school?

​88. Are you going to represent or act on behalf of interests non-profit, international or government organizations or participate in the activities of such?

89. Have you received any special training and do you have any special knowledge and skills in the use of weapons, explosives, nuclear, biological or chemical substances?

90. Have you done military service?

91. Have you ever been involved in armed conflicts? Were you a participant or a victim of hostilities?

92. Have you been prosecuted for any crimes?

93. Do you intend to carry out illegal activities on the territory of Russia?

94. Do you intend to participate in the territory of Russia in political activity, its organization or financing?

95. Additional information you would like to provide about yourself and your trip to the Russian Federation

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