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Venäjän viisumityypit

Single entry visa to Russia

With a single-entry visa, you can enter and exit Russia once, the visa is valid for 2-30 days (specific dates must be indicated in the application form, an insurance certificate must be provided confirming the validity of insurance for the requested period).
The consul will issue a visa for the dates indicated in the application form, provided that the insurance is valid.
Processing time is 7 days at the Russian Consulate in Helsinki.

Double entry visa to Russia

A double-entry Russian visa allows you to enter Russia twice and can be valid for up to 90 days, it allows you to stay in Russia for 90 days (for holders of Schengen zone passports).
Processing time is 8 days.

Multiple entry visa to Russia

Multiple entry visas are annual, two-year and three-year. Multiple entry visas to Russia give the right to stay 90 days in half a year and 180 days in a year.

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